Flattened Wine & Liquor Bottle Plates

Winetini bottle hors d'oeuvre plates are as functional as they are fun and decorative.

Flattened bottle plates are used to serve hors d'oeuvres, your favorite cheese, or yummy chocolates. Winetini bottle plates display beautifully on your wall while not in use. Each recycled bottle is unique, slight variations may occur.

Bully Hill flat bottle hors d'oeuvre plate

Cheese Spreader

Cheese Spreader
High quality, stainless steel cheese spreader $5!


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Plates are available labeled or unlabeled.

labeled plates

Wine Lable galleryWinetini offers a wide selection of labeled flat bottle hors d'oeuvre plates: clear or chardonnay (chard shown).

See our wide selection of labels. Clicking the following link will open a new window. When you find the label(s) you're interested in you will need to close that window and type in your choice below. click here»

If you don't see your favorite you can request a labeled bottle with the form below

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PRICE: $26.00

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unlabeled plates

flattened bottle plates

PRICE: $17.95

custom labelspersonalized labels!
How about your own totally unique label?
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weddings & births
Our personalized, clear champagne bottle plates are a unique and elegant way to commemorate your special occasion. learn more...

wedding favorspecial occasion
champagne bottle plates

What an impression you'll make on the new bride & groom when you present them with their wedding invitation on a clear champagne bottle plate!

Great for wedding or shower gifts. We ship quickly!

Wedding invitations, baby announcements, Bar & Bat Mitzvah invitations, Uncle Joe's 50th?, new home announcements... the choices are endless.

Send us the original invitation or a digital photo of a special event or person and let us create a label for the occasion. Heck, we've even done a puppy's first birthday announcement!! learn more...

PRICE: $40.00



a couple of examples

wedding favor

wedding favor

Continue to enjoy your favorite spirit after it's all gone! Again, if your favorite is not shown, please inquire.

grey goose
grey goose

Not pictured, but available: Absolut Citron, Grey Goose Lemon, Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, Tanqueray, Dewars, Crown Royal, Ketel One, Bombay Sapphire, Stoli Razberi, Stoli Ohranj, Stoli Blueberi, Stoli Cranberi, Stoli Strasberi, Stoli Peachik, Jim Beam, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Three Olive, Three Olive Grape, Jagermeister

PRICE: $26.00

Grey Goose Oversized 1.75 liters
price: $50.00

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Corona platesCorona lime plates

You wouldn't think of serving your guests Corona Beer without limes would you?

We make the perfect plate to serve 'em up! These recycled Corona Beer bottles are sure to be a great conversation piece. Each bottle is unique and slight variations may occur. Choose from regular Corona, Corona Light or Corona Extra with braided hanger.

PRICE: $10.00 no braided hanger (12 oz.)

Corona Extra with braided hanger (24 oz.)



OR purchase with our printout order form

We offer two easy ways to buy our products:

1) Buy online by selecting the item you want and clicking Add to Cart—it's fast, easy, and completely safe!

2) Fill out our print out order form and mail with a check or money order.

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If you do not see the wine label you're looking for in our label gallery, you can contact the winery directly. Most wineries will be happy to send you the wine label of your choice at no charge. Then, forward the label to us with our printable order form (located on our site). The cost is the same as our labeled bottle plates, $26. Please indicate if you would like a clear or Chardonnay colored bottle.

If you do not see a liquor bottle you are interested in, please fill out this form to inquire about availability.



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